About Us

Reliability Plus, LLC

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my company and some of the services we offer.  My company’s name is Reliability Plus LLC and we offer services in maintenance repair, inspection, and reliability.  Some of our services include:

·        Mechanical repair services, including the changing of motors, pumps, and reducers as well as in-place rebuilds and bearing replacement

·        Precision alignments, correction of assembly errors.  Calculation of thermal growth

·        Fan inspection services.  I can work with mill personnel, contractors, or offer turnkey services

·        Quality control and quality assurance over new installations and repairs by others

·        Bearing failure analysis to determine mode of failure

·         Expert witness of machine disassemblies for warranty issues or root cause analysis on site or at repair shops

·         Expert witness for final assembly and test run of new or repaired equipment to include vibration data

·        Balancing services, static or dynamic

·         Vibration data collection, analysis, and reporting

·        Baseline data for new installations and startups


We are a new company that brings many years of experience and knowledge to the table.  As you are reviewing work orders and deciding whether to contract out repairs or inspections, we would appreciate the opportunity to bid on them.  We have the experience and manpower to staff the jobs offering a precision maintenance approach with precision results.