Improving machinery reliability with Proactive and Predictive Services.

Inspection and Verification Services

o   Quality assurance for installations and repairs

o   Equipment inspections and reports during outages

o   Oversee Precision Machine Alignments

o   Correction of assembly errors

o  Remove soft foot conditions, both short leg and angle

o   Calculation of thermal growth

o   Shaft centerline alignment using laser system

Vibration Signature Analysis:

ISO Vibration Analyst Category lll

o   Machine diagnostics: pumps, fans, blowers, gear reducers, rolls

o   Bearings: antifriction (ball, roller), journal (babbitt)

o   Electric motors

o   Looseness, bent shaft, misalignment, balance

o   Resonance, bump tests, start up/coast down

o   Periodic route base survey and reports

o   Baseline data for acceptance of new installations


Balancing Services: IRD and CSI Certifications

o   Single plane

o   Two plane

Root Cause Failure Analysis: ProAct Certification

o   FMEA (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis)

o   Bearing failure analysis

o   Corrective actions

o   Lubrication analysis

Infrared Thermography:  Level 1 Certification

o   Mechanical inspections 

o   Electrical inspections

               o  Building and facilities inspections
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